Thin (in)visible line

Socially engaged performative work in 2 actions
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Curated by Marta Trotsiuk
Working with a local art spot and its temporary area of residence artist creates performative actions with chalk. By drawing an almost imaginary, very vulnerable and disappearing line around the Treasure Hill Artist Village and Digital Art Center in Taipei, the artist is practically making a political statement that this territory belongs to art, is free and in this poetic way is protected from any attempts to capture and enslave it. By creating this cultural boundary, the artist tries to create a reason to reflect on the importance of self-identification and inner freedom in the face of threats of tyranny. Can this thin, disappearing line protect this island within an island and its inhabitants? Is this all we can expect from the invasion of an insidious enemy whose task is to destroy? Faced with the brutality of the war that came to her homeland, forced refuge and the endless pain of realising the consequences of destruction, the artist transforms traditional Ukrainian beliefs about women being the keepers of the home and adds a feminist context to these ideas through activism and action, through working with community. In her practice, the artist often works with the theme of the invisibility of (her) work and in this artistic message she exploits and explores this issue again and comes to a new form of artistic expression through working with chalk. Despite this chalk images vanished after the first rain they show how vulnerable and strong at the same time artist's statement is: «This is the only occupation I accept: this territory and all other territories belong to us, to the community and individuals, to the groups and collectives, to me and to you - to be free.»