Beech, gesso, LED lamps, motion sensor
Modern man reacts to the surrounding reality in a very straightforward manner, distinguishing from the large amount of streaming information only direct causal relationships, having no time to involve in the cognitive process senses, sensors, reflection, search for answers to the eternal philosophical questions. Everything is too logical, quite understandable, calculated per second and is literally aimed at reflexes.

In spite of the crazy pace and sustainable development, we rely on the clarified and offered. It's safe to say that partially we are still in the Middle Ages, because likewise we do not like to ask ourselves and others questions: everything should be black or white, good or bad, beautiful or disgusting. It should be just like a light bulb that lights up automatically when one enters a room. Man does not want to decide whether this is art or not, they want everything explained and ready to be consumed.

Asking what should be an icon for a modern man, the author suggests her own point of view: it's a new technology laid on the soil used during the Spanish Inquisition and the heroic victories of Jeanne D'Arc – gesso.