Project “Spidertopia” was implemented within the American Arts Incubator in Ukraine program together with a team of like-minded people. It was based on the traditional straw decoration, which Ukrainians decorated their homes with for many centuries even before Christianity – the spider. This tradition existed in almost all regions of Ukraine, it was passed through centuries from generation to generation. “Spider” reflects the ancient beliefs of Ukrainians about creation of the world andexistence of the universe.
Our team tried to consider Spider as a universal modular structure capable of becoming a framework for building a new society, the symbol of which is the model of the future city, which was presented at the exhibition. Thus, having explored and used the “Spider” as a link connecting the past and the future, we realized that this object of Ukrainian traditional applied culture has a great potential and can become a full-fledged element of the cultural visual code in the future.

Team members: Olga Vaschevska, Ivanka Borodina, Bogdan Seredyak, Sergii Nijinsky, Olga Sinyakievych, Maria Proshkowska

Bleached straw, glass, sprouted wheat, laser cutting on plywood