Everyone deep inside has found a secure room for their desires, dreams, fears and resentments. We don’t want other people to find a key to that room which is totally natural as not all the doors should be opened for guests.
But often we are far from awareness that we also fear to approach that door, get the key from the pocket and look ourselves in the eyes. We are hiding behind the bars of self-identifications and projections, we are hiding from real ourselves. What is that every cell of the mirror – someone’s reflection within ourselves, someone’s rules or stereotypes? Or may it be our personal chains of fear? Can one enter that alienation zone or will it cause tragical aftermath? As after the door opens another deeper fear may walk free – the fear of depreciation.

Object’s appearance:

Mirror 90 х 90 cm, steel grating, welding
The object is placed in the wall, grating’s weight – 25 kg